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Floor Adds Shine to Basement Room

Mar-19-2011 By creatingyourspace

When you look at this room, its basement origins are hidden behind the daring and sophistication of its design.

Let’s start with the most powerful element in the room – the staircase. The homeowners made the wise choice to allocate the bulk of their redecorating budget to open up the basement stairwell and replace it with this almost sculpted staircase. The dark metal structure and brown wood stairs work together, making the space feel like a destination rather than a basement afterthought.

Notice the power of the floor in this room. This second design decision also defines the space as out of the ordinary. By choosing a surface with an almost commercial feel but adding the rich glossy finish, the floor echoes the staircase in its depths and provides an intriguing contrast to the matte finish of the sofa and loveseat. This flooring is not as expensive as other choices, but works so perfectly that it doesn’t feel like a budget-based decision.

The furniture and art also maintain the sophisticated modern look so effectively presented in this room. The sleek lines of the sofa and loveseat coordinate well with the daring zebra print on the area rug and the simple black and white vases on the coffee table.

The art wall creates the mood of a gallery, but the cost was minimized with the use of simple contemporary prints matted with off-the-shelf matching frames. It’s the number and the layout that creates an upscale image.

These homeowners wanted to turn their basement into a destination for family and visitors alike, and their smart design decisions helped them succeed.

When it comes to sleep many of us with busy and hectic lives don’t get enough. When we finally do lay our heads down it’s the start of a long and labored night trying to fall and stay asleep. So what do you do to make your bedroom a place which not only encourages sleep, but actually envelops you in such comfort and ahhhh inspiring plushness you’ll never want to leave? There are a few ways to create a relaxation haven without spending thousands on a new mattress.

Dressing the bed in comfort has never been easier with all of the great products and materials on the market right now. Start with the foundation by making the most of the mattress you have. Adding a feather bed or thick padding on top of the mattress will increase your comfort level ten-fold. Atop it, add high thread count sheets (600 or higher) for unbelievable softness. Throw a soft fleece blanket over the sheets and under an overstuffed feather comforter dressed in a velvet or silk duvet. Next are the pillows and lots of them. You’ll need large square European style ones to rest on the headboard, rectangle American style ones filled with feather or cushy foam, then your preferred sleeping pillows.  Think cocoon.

If you’re fortunate enough to have ultra thick wall–to-wall carpeting in your bedroom then you’ve got it made. If not, there are ways to remedy the situation. You’ll want softness on the floor for when you get in and out of bed. Cold feet are no fun and stepping on freezing tile or hardwood is miserable, so rugs are in order. Not just any rugs, but thick, soft and luxurious feeling ones like an Alpaca fur or Euro shag. Place them on each side of the bed and at the foot depending on your space.

Covering windows properly is extremely important to the quality of sleep you get. Make sure your window coverings close tightly or if they are drapes they should have a blackout lining to keep the brightness of the streetlights or the sun at bay.

A dark room, cushy bed and soft flooring will give your body and mind the peace it needs to fall asleep and stay there soundly for the recommended 7 to 8 hours.