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Protecting Carpeting and Furniture from Pets

Oct-15-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Many people think you can’t have both pets and a clean nice home. In reality, only a few tactics can allow you to enjoy your dog or cat and your home as well.

One basic step is managing the connection between outside the house and inside. As with people, pets need to have a rug or mat to pick up the dirt. Because you can’t train them to wipe their feet, a washable rug just inside their pet door that’s long enough to ensure that they will step on it with all four feet helps keep your carpets clean.

Use a dust-free litter in your cat’s litter box, and change it frequently. If the box isn’t fresh, many cats will act out by choosing other locations as their personal bathroom. Also provide cats with an inviting scratching post or stand. Cats need to scratch to keep their nails short, and will prefer a location designed for them if it’s provided. A bit of catnip will convince them to make that choice.

For animals on the furniture, place large towels or sheets on the piece or pieces your pets prefer. Launder often and remove for guests, and you can keep furniture nice.

Shedding is another common concern. Brush pets often – preferably daily – to keep shedding to a minimum. For dogs, a small amount of flaxseed oil – about one teaspoon for every 15 pounds – helps reduce shedding. For your carpets, vacuum at least once a week to keep hair and surface dirt under control, more often if needed.

Regular bathing also helps dog skin stay nice and sweet-smelling. Teeth brushing (pick up some chicken-flavored toothpaste at your local pet market) also keeps dog breath reasonable.

Dogs and cats do add to your housekeeping chores, but the companionship and love makes the effort well worthwhile.