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Nylon Carpet Maintenance

Aug-18-2010 By carpeteria_admin

There are a handful of activities that can keep your new carpet looking good for many years. First, review your carpet manufacturer’s warranty to identify whether they require regular hot water extraction to keep the warranty valid.

Since studies have proven that the bulk of soil on your floors comes from entryways, it is extremely important to utilize appropriate walkoff mats and entry rugs. Statistics have proven that about 80% of the soil entering your carpet comes in on the first 4-6 steps!

After entryway protection, regular vacuuming is the next most important tool you have. Soil particles have sharp edges that can damage the carpet fiber, causing a matted or crushed appearance. Areas of high traffic should be vacuumed daily. The best vacuums are those with good suction and strong beater bars, which will remove the greatest amount of soil. If your vacuum uses bags, change them regularly.

Every carpet should be deep cleaned by professional hot water extraction every 12-24 months. Don’t use a home model, as they generally lack the heat or power to adequately clean or to remove dirty cleaning water and solution.

Spills and stains must be addressed immediately! For water-based spills, blot with an absorbent, clean, undyed cloth, starting at the outside and working towards the center. Use a neutral pH cleaner, rinsing well (still blotting) with water to remove any residues. Vacuum and allow the spot to dry completely before walking on it.

Cover oil-based spots/spills completely with cornstarch, baby powder or baking soda and allow it to sit overnight. Vacuum completely in the morning. If the stain persists, repeat this process, then follow the procedure for water-based stains above.