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Floor Adds Shine to Basement Room

Mar-19-2011 By creatingyourspace

When you look at this room, its basement origins are hidden behind the daring and sophistication of its design.

Let’s start with the most powerful element in the room – the staircase. The homeowners made the wise choice to allocate the bulk of their redecorating budget to open up the basement stairwell and replace it with this almost sculpted staircase. The dark metal structure and brown wood stairs work together, making the space feel like a destination rather than a basement afterthought.

Notice the power of the floor in this room. This second design decision also defines the space as out of the ordinary. By choosing a surface with an almost commercial feel but adding the rich glossy finish, the floor echoes the staircase in its depths and provides an intriguing contrast to the matte finish of the sofa and loveseat. This flooring is not as expensive as other choices, but works so perfectly that it doesn’t feel like a budget-based decision.

The furniture and art also maintain the sophisticated modern look so effectively presented in this room. The sleek lines of the sofa and loveseat coordinate well with the daring zebra print on the area rug and the simple black and white vases on the coffee table.

The art wall creates the mood of a gallery, but the cost was minimized with the use of simple contemporary prints matted with off-the-shelf matching frames. It’s the number and the layout that creates an upscale image.

These homeowners wanted to turn their basement into a destination for family and visitors alike, and their smart design decisions helped them succeed.

Small Space Living

Feb-13-2011 By carpeteria_admin

This one room holds a kitchen with island bar, dinette, living area and dining room, yet it feels spacious rather than crowded. What choices create this combination of space and function?

The smartest decision is the flooring. By choosing one versatile porcelain tile in a light tone and setting it on the diagonal, the eye naturally follows the tile lines, making the room appear much larger than it actually is. Picture a flooring transition between the kitchen and living areas or a straight horizontal tile layout and you can see what the flooring choice does for this room.

The second smart choice is furniture selection. By limiting the number of pieces, choosing smaller options such as a loveseat rather than full-size sofa, and selecting a circular dining table, the furniture doesn’t get in the way of the room’s traffic pattern. Rooms feel crowded if you have to constantly avoid hitting furniture as you walk through them. Traffic in this room is smooth and easy. Sticking to one style and wood tone also emphasizes the connections throughout the room, creating a design consistency that makes the space work.

The final positive factor is light. With the light flooring and walls combined with a vaulted ceiling and large windows, the edges of this room seem to disappear. Instead of focusing on its size, visitors will notice the activity areas instead. Altogether this is a very smart way to take full advantage of a space.