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Floors That Are Good For Resale

Sep-16-2010 By carpeteria_admin

If you are about to sell your house and even if you have no current plans to sell, it is still practical to think of what you can do to your rooms to make them more appealing to prospective buyers. If you are renovating your house, even if you have no immediate intention of selling, it’s a good investment to factor the resale value of your flooring and other accessories when you remodel.
Hardwood is right at the top of the list of floors that will get you the best price should you put your house on the market. Hardwood is expensive but much more durable than other kinds of flooring. Buyers are willing to spend more for houses that have hardwood flooring than those that don’t for it assures them that they won’t have to redo those floors. Solid or engineered hardwood tends to get more in terms of resale than laminate flooring.
Since we are on the topic of hardwood and its resale value, an interesting trend has developed recently. More and more people are opting for exotic hardwood floors to increase the resale value of their house. These include African mahogany, dove-tailing, French parquets, and other unusual woods. This indicates the importance that flooring has in the resale sector.
Stone, porcelain or ceramic tile can also add value to your house. Compared to hardwood and tile, linoleum and carpeting show low resale values. So when you renovate, do away with your carpets and consider tile or wood if you wish to attract the best price for your house.