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Applying Basic Feng Shui Ideas to your Home: Part 3

Jun-23-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Applying Basic Feng Shui Ideas to your Home: Part 3 – Change Your Space, Change Your Life

Many of the ideas presented in the Chinese study of Feng Shui can be easily applied to any home. One of the most interesting aspects of Feng Shui is the belief that your physical space mirrors your life, and positive changes in that space can make your life better.

To start, use a compass to divide your home into the various life areas matching the beliefs of Feng Shui. The areas include career (north), fame and recognition (south), health and family (east), children and personal creativity (west), mentors and friends (northwest), education and self improvement (northeast), wealth and prosperity (southeast), and marriage (southwest). To learn more about how to energize each area, take a look at a book or website on Feng Shui. However there are some simple things you can do right away to improve your home’s energy.

Unfinished projects, withered plants and property that should be discarded as well as the wrong arrangement of furniture and accessories can drain good energy. Take an open-eyed walk through your home. Pay attention to those unfinished home improvement or fix-up projects you’ve put off. Those are energy drainers in any culture. Even though you may never see them consciously, they are distractions, constant reminders of things you want to address but haven’t bothered with yet.

Does your home energize you or discourage you? What changes can you make to create a home that is a source of energy, with room for your future goals and dreams? From hanging that picture that’s been sitting on the floor to going through old file cabinets to make space for new projects, the basic foundation of Feng Shui is valid – your space has a direct impact on your life. Why not start to make the changes and see what happens?

Applying Basic Feng Shui Ideas to your Home: Part 2

Jun-17-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Applying Basic Feng Shui Ideas to your Home: Part 2 – Corners and Curves

Have you ever wondered whether Feng Shui concepts could make your home more inviting? Although the practice is complex, many basic ideas drawn from the practice can be useful tools as you consider improving or renovating your space.

One interesting idea is the issue of chi, or good energy. In Feng Shui practice, sharp corners and edges create a room with negative energy. Softer curves are needed to counteract that and support good natural energy. If you spend time in a reception area or waiting room, often the space feels cold and unfriendly. The use of sharp chairs with no cushions and no accessories to soften corners and edges creates a feeling of harshness. A few plants and curvy lines can warm up a space.

In your home, do you have rooms that people seem drawn to and other spaces that generally stay empty during a party? Take a look at them with the concept of sharp edges and exposed corners in mind. Would some curves make a space more inviting? What do you see in your popular rooms that demonstrates this balance of hard and soft? This is a different way to look at your space. Take more than a few minutes to look around and determine what you want to do to make your rooms more welcoming and bring that good energy into your space.

Every new way of thinking about decorating your space can open up new ideas and ways of thinking. This is just one of many tools you can experiment with to enlarge your skill base and improve both the décor and the feeling of your home space.

Applying Basic Feng Shui Ideas to your Home: Part 1 – Clutter Control

Many people think of Feng Shui as all about mirrors, crystals and plants, but really it’s about the placement of objects in your space for maximum energy and comfort. While the concepts can seem complex, many of the underlying ideas are useful and applicable to any home.

One Feng Shui concept focuses on managing clutter. This means more than having a tidy living room. The clutter issues dig into every closet and cupboard. According to Feng Shui principles, hidden clutter is a sign of a distracted and confused mind. This actually makes some sense. If you’re spending time looking for things, are you really using your home, space and time well? Do you find yourself reaching for the same seven to eight outfits, and pushing clothes out of the way that you haven’t worn in years? That is a waste of energy.

If you’re ready to make a change, don’t jump into it all at once. Take one area of your home: one closet, drawer, or activity; and plan the best way to make it useful for you. Do you need to make dinner in a hurry every night? Then take a look at your pantry to decide if it’s organized to maximize your success and minimize your effort. Maybe instead of putting food away by category, you would do better setting it up by meal. Is there a mad rush every morning as the kids search for homework and school supplies? A well-organized space and a plan could change that, reducing stress every morning. Start with one project; get it working well, and then move on to the next.

Reduce your stress, increase your energy, and make your life better. Those are the basic concepts of Feng Shui. Take the opportunity to incorporate them into your life.