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Rooms with Light Colored Floors

Sep-24-2010 By carpeteria_admin

A room with light colored flooring offers a broad range of decorating opportunities. Without care, light-colored floors can make a room look drab and boring. It is important to include contrasting colors and accessories to make the room interesting.

Light colored floors are ideal for small rooms with limited natural light.  For homes in warm climates, light floors give rooms a cool appearance.

You can transform a room with light colored flooring by using contrasting tones in either vibrant or sedate colors. Sedate pastel walls and window treatments provide an elegant appearance. Vibrant colors or brightly patterned wallpaper perfectly complements a light-colored floor. You have the flexibility to experiment with a range of colors or paint walls with dark dramatic colors with a light floor.

Light colored flooring provides a good contrast to heavy hardwood furniture. On the other hand, lightweight rattan or wrought iron furniture on a light colored floor will make the room bright and airy and give the appearance of bringing the outdoors indoors. Some bright colors and rugs in rich tones will also enhance the room.

Rooms with light colored flooring allow you to explore your artistic instincts by providing an unobtrusive foundation for a range of decorating options.