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Carpeteria Recycling Program

Dec-23-2010 By creatingyourspace

It has been a fact that the old carpet and pad pulled up from consumers
homes have been piling up in American landfills since the inception of the
carpet industry. Recently it was announced that as much as 2.5 Million tons
of old carpet and pad per year are sent to the landfills throughout the US.

A few years ago Carpeteria implemented a recycling program. Initially,
several years ago, all the paper and cardboard generated from the office
and the warehouse was separated and sent out for recycling. At the same
time, Carpeteria was able to find manufacturers who could use old carpet
cushion after cleaning it. Thus, the second phase of the recycling program
was born; we purchased a large compactor and saved all the old carpet
cushion that came from jobs, along with new scraps. The compactor pressed
and baled the pad and had it ready for the manufacturer.

In the last year or so, some carpet manufacturers were able to perfect the
recycling of the old carpets and were looking for partners in the industry.
Again, Carpeteria was there in this effort to divert old carpets and pads
from the landfills.

We have a dedicated container that collects all of the carpet and pad that
are returned from the jobs, these are stacked and sorted, and on a weekly
basis are sent back to the carpet recycling center which in turn will sort
the carpet, compact it and bale it and send it to carpet manufacturers for

The pads are separated and shipped to padding manufacturers who will clean
them and make them into recycled pad. In the next few months, Carpeteria
will offer several grades of recycled carpet pad.

We are pleased to announce that to date we have diverted almost 100 tons of
carpet and pad from the landfills of the Bay Area. A small effort on our
part, but it takes small efforts by all of us to reduce our carbon footprint
and reduce our impact on the planet.