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Adding the Unexpected to Your Bathroom

Oct-24-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Simple elements can help take bathrooms from standard to particularly appealing. It’s often an unexpected touch such as a piece of furniture, unusual art, or an exciting accessory that makes bathrooms stand out.

In this case, the simple addition of a feminine upholstered chair helps a nice bathroom turn into a special space for relaxing. The old-fashioned feel of this space with its modern take on a claw-foot tub is enhanced by the chair. It also helps create the feel that this bathroom is a feminine escape from life’s challenges. Imagine taking a nice hot bath, drying off, and curling up in a robe and slippers to read a book in that comfy chair.

This room is a nice balance of feminine style without pushing into the ruffled little-girl look. The tile on the back wall supports that with its shades of pink and peach combined with a unique modern style.

There is only one decorating decision that doesn’t work. The curtains are too light and rather boring. Better to draw in one of the darker shades to help add contrast and personality. That is an easy fix.

What can you do to make your bathrooms unique? To make a difference, think beyond standard bath features to bring a special element to your baths.