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Carpeteria Recycling Program

Dec-23-2010 By carpeteria_admin

It has been a fact that the old carpet and pad pulled up from consumers
homes have been piling up in American landfills since the inception of the
carpet industry. Recently it was announced that as much as 2.5 Million tons
of old carpet and pad per year are sent to the landfills throughout the US.

A few years ago Carpeteria implemented a recycling program. Initially,
several years ago, all the paper and cardboard generated from the office
and the warehouse was separated and sent out for recycling. At the same
time, Carpeteria was able to find manufacturers who could use old carpet
cushion after cleaning it. Thus, the second phase of the recycling program
was born; we purchased a large compactor and saved all the old carpet
cushion that came from jobs, along with new scraps. The compactor pressed
and baled the pad and had it ready for the manufacturer.

In the last year or so, some carpet manufacturers were able to perfect the
recycling of the old carpets and were looking for partners in the industry.
Again, Carpeteria was there in this effort to divert old carpets and pads
from the landfills.

We have a dedicated container that collects all of the carpet and pad that
are returned from the jobs, these are stacked and sorted, and on a weekly
basis are sent back to the carpet recycling center which in turn will sort
the carpet, compact it and bale it and send it to carpet manufacturers for

The pads are separated and shipped to padding manufacturers who will clean
them and make them into recycled pad. In the next few months, Carpeteria
will offer several grades of recycled carpet pad.

We are pleased to announce that to date we have diverted almost 100 tons of
carpet and pad from the landfills of the Bay Area. A small effort on our
part, but it takes small efforts by all of us to reduce our carbon footprint
and reduce our impact on the planet.

Simple Tips To Improve Your Interior

Dec-18-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Does your interior need a lift? Not sure how to improve areas? There are simple tips that can uplift any room. Read along and experiment on your most problematic room or space. You will be surprised how tweaking one thing can lead to incredible results.

Fabrics and upholstery have the power to give the “just re-decorated” look without having to actually redecorate. Buy brightly colored accent pillows, or recover the ones you have. Fresh, plump accent pillows act as a face-lift for any worn sofa or chair. Fabrics also have the power to create warmth, drama, elegance and variety to any room.

Window treatments allow you to control light, give privacy and improve insulation. They can also help alter appearances of a room. Wish you had a higher ceiling? Install full-length panels higher above the top of a window. If you don’t want wall showing in between, you can add a valance that only hangs down an inch or so past the top of a window. Panels and valance combined make a window look higher than it actually is. Treatments made of dressy fabric add elegance. Casual fabric gives a room a comfortable feel. Different types of blinds also have the power to create the mood of your choice. Bamboo shades lend an exotic feel to a space. White plantation shutters add a classic look to any window.

Try out one or all of the tips above! You have the ability to uplift any space!

Sustainable Hardwoods

Dec-11-2010 By carpeteria_admin


More and more, people who want to make environmentally responsible decisions can access good information on home products. Through national and international associations as well as supplier research, details on every step of a product’s development are increasingly available to consumers.

One research study on American hardwood has been started recently by PE International; a consulting company that specializes in helping organizations become more sustainable. The firm is investigating the environmental impact of every step in the process of hardwood products, from the initial harvesting to delivery at the importer’s yard.

Studies such as this are designed to enable both suppliers and customers to make informed decisions about the sustainability of the products they choose. In the long run, customers will drive a push to environmental responsibility with their dollars.

The best tool you have to change the world’s approach to the environment is how you choose to spend your money. If you demonstrate that environmental responsibility is important to you as a consumer, companies will listen and make appropriate changes.

Are Your Cleaning Products Safe?

Dec-2-2010 By carpeteria_admin

First, let us start by saying that when possible, you should ALWAYS use the manufacture’s recommended cleaning products. They know what’s best for their product, as well as how to protect your warranty! We also realize that most people don’t know who manufactured their floors!

Keeping that in mind…..

The products you use for everyday cleaning are probably not as gentle as they seem. Flip those cleaning products over and look at the active ingredients, host of chemical names will stare back at you. Different phosphates, formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine bleach, and sodium hydroxide are only some of the many toxic chemicals that are normally used in all household-cleaning products.

Some of these chemicals may be carcinogenic, while others cause allergies and can be harmful to children. Not only are these products harmful to your family, they also harm the environment. There is no better time than right now, to switch to an eco-friendly product.

Eco friendly substitutes contain traditional cleaning formulas and few toxins. These “green cleaning agents” are just as effective as their toxin-loaded competition. You can look for authenticity of a product by checking the pH level, the biodegradability, as well as solvent amounts.

pH levels should be 7 or lower. Anything higher tends to be corrosive; use this exercise to red flag products. A product will state on the packaging if Biodegradable. When checking the solvent amounts, remember that less is the better choice. Look for PGE (propylene, glycol, ethers) and EGE (ethylene, glycol, ethers). If you spot these in the fine print, stay away!

Switching to eco friendly cleaning products is the healthier choice for you and your environment!

How to Remove Gravy Stains from Carpet

Nov-25-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Thanksgiving is here, let the festivities begin!  This year, we thought we’d share a few of our gravy stain removal techniques with you.  We hope you don’t have to use any of them, but just in case, here they are!  If one doesn’t work, there are several to chose from, so try them all!  We hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving!

Nail Polish Remover – Two types of nail polish removers are available. One type contains acetone, a dry cleaning solvent. Use the same precautions as with other dry cleaning solutions. The second type contains amyl acetate, which is used in many paint, oil, and grease (POG) removers. Many POG removers leave residues that may cause rapid soiling. When using a POG remover, always rinse the area thoroughly with a dry solvent.


Solvent – A non-flammable spot removal solution, or dry cleaning type solvent, is preferred. Exercise caution when using a solvent. Never pour it directly onto the carpet or allow it to reach the backing, because it can damage the latex that holds the primary and secondary backings together. Acceptable solvents include Carbona®, Energine®, K2R®, Goof-Off®, etc.

Detergent Solution – Mix one fourth (1/4) teaspoon of a liquid dishwashing detergent per one (1) cup of lukewarm water. NEVER USE A STRONGER CONCENTRATION! Thorough rinsing is necessary to remove detergent residues that may cause rapid soiling. It may be necessary to rinse with warm water several times to completely remove residues. (See Residue Precautions.) Care should be used in selecting a detergent. Never use a laundry detergent of any type, because laundry detergents may contain optical brighteners (flourescent dyes) that dye the fiber. Do not select an automatic dishwashing detergent because many contain bleaching agents that destroy dyes and some fibers.

Vinegar Solution – Mix one (1) cup of white vinegar per two (2) cups of water. White vinegar is a 5% acetic acid solution. It is used most often to lower the alkalinity caused by detergent solutions or alkaline spills.

Warm Water – Lukewarm tap water should be used in most cases to rinse the cleaning solutions from the fiber. Failure to completely rinse the solutions from the fiber may cause accelerated soiling.

Ammonia Solution – Mix one (1) tablespoon of household ammonia per cup of water. Please note: Be aware that ammonia, if used improperly, can cause a color change. Be sure to test a hidden area.

When in doubt, call a professional – Professional cleaners have the ability and the equipment to use more aggressive cleaning solutions to remove stubborn spills. Always consider consulting a professional cleaner regarding any spot removal question. Carpet and Rug Institute – 1-800-882-8846.

How You Live

Nov-21-2010 By carpeteria_admin

One of our favorite website features is the “How I Live” quiz.  On the left side of our home website page, you will find this feature in our list of website tools.  This quiz asks you some general questions about your lifestyle.  It then takes your answers into consideration and suggests what different types of products would be the most economical, stylish and last the longest in your home.

There are a lot of factors that need to be accounted for when purchasing new carpet.  A few important factors are if you have any children or animals, if you like to entertain, if you’re trying to up the sale price of your home, etc.  We suggest that you take our “How I Live” quiz in order to help you better understand what is best for you.

Virtual Room Designer

Nov-6-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Are you ready for new floors, but have no idea where to start? If you aren’t ready to come in to see us quite yet, there are lots of tool on the Carpeteria Website that can help you – but today we want to tell you about the one that’s the most fun. It’s called The Virtual Room Designer.

On the Virtual Room Designer you can choose your room type and then within that room you can “try on” different floors, walls, countertops and in some rooms you can even try on area rugs.

To get started, click on the Virtual Room Designer image below and HAVE FUN!

Bathroom Styles: Which is Your Style?

Oct-30-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Adding the Unexpected to Your Bathroom

Oct-24-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Simple elements can help take bathrooms from standard to particularly appealing. It’s often an unexpected touch such as a piece of furniture, unusual art, or an exciting accessory that makes bathrooms stand out.

In this case, the simple addition of a feminine upholstered chair helps a nice bathroom turn into a special space for relaxing. The old-fashioned feel of this space with its modern take on a claw-foot tub is enhanced by the chair. It also helps create the feel that this bathroom is a feminine escape from life’s challenges. Imagine taking a nice hot bath, drying off, and curling up in a robe and slippers to read a book in that comfy chair.

This room is a nice balance of feminine style without pushing into the ruffled little-girl look. The tile on the back wall supports that with its shades of pink and peach combined with a unique modern style.

There is only one decorating decision that doesn’t work. The curtains are too light and rather boring. Better to draw in one of the darker shades to help add contrast and personality. That is an easy fix.

What can you do to make your bathrooms unique? To make a difference, think beyond standard bath features to bring a special element to your baths.

Protecting Carpeting and Furniture from Pets

Oct-15-2010 By carpeteria_admin

Many people think you can’t have both pets and a clean nice home. In reality, only a few tactics can allow you to enjoy your dog or cat and your home as well.

One basic step is managing the connection between outside the house and inside. As with people, pets need to have a rug or mat to pick up the dirt. Because you can’t train them to wipe their feet, a washable rug just inside their pet door that’s long enough to ensure that they will step on it with all four feet helps keep your carpets clean.

Use a dust-free litter in your cat’s litter box, and change it frequently. If the box isn’t fresh, many cats will act out by choosing other locations as their personal bathroom. Also provide cats with an inviting scratching post or stand. Cats need to scratch to keep their nails short, and will prefer a location designed for them if it’s provided. A bit of catnip will convince them to make that choice.

For animals on the furniture, place large towels or sheets on the piece or pieces your pets prefer. Launder often and remove for guests, and you can keep furniture nice.

Shedding is another common concern. Brush pets often – preferably daily – to keep shedding to a minimum. For dogs, a small amount of flaxseed oil – about one teaspoon for every 15 pounds – helps reduce shedding. For your carpets, vacuum at least once a week to keep hair and surface dirt under control, more often if needed.

Regular bathing also helps dog skin stay nice and sweet-smelling. Teeth brushing (pick up some chicken-flavored toothpaste at your local pet market) also keeps dog breath reasonable.

Dogs and cats do add to your housekeeping chores, but the companionship and love makes the effort well worthwhile.