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Are Your Cleaning Products Safe?

Dec-2-2010 By creatingyourspace

First, let us start by saying that when possible, you should ALWAYS use the manufacture’s recommended cleaning products. They know what’s best for their product, as well as how to protect your warranty! We also realize that most people don’t know who manufactured their floors!

Keeping that in mind…..

The products you use for everyday cleaning are probably not as gentle as they seem. Flip those cleaning products over and look at the active ingredients, host of chemical names will stare back at you. Different phosphates, formaldehyde, ammonia, chlorine bleach, and sodium hydroxide are only some of the many toxic chemicals that are normally used in all household-cleaning products.

Some of these chemicals may be carcinogenic, while others cause allergies and can be harmful to children. Not only are these products harmful to your family, they also harm the environment. There is no better time than right now, to switch to an eco-friendly product.

Eco friendly substitutes contain traditional cleaning formulas and few toxins. These “green cleaning agents” are just as effective as their toxin-loaded competition. You can look for authenticity of a product by checking the pH level, the biodegradability, as well as solvent amounts.

pH levels should be 7 or lower. Anything higher tends to be corrosive; use this exercise to red flag products. A product will state on the packaging if Biodegradable. When checking the solvent amounts, remember that less is the better choice. Look for PGE (propylene, glycol, ethers) and EGE (ethylene, glycol, ethers). If you spot these in the fine print, stay away!

Switching to eco friendly cleaning products is the healthier choice for you and your environment!

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