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The Four Seasons of Decorating: Winter

Winter images range from hot chocolate and warm fires to that cold-wet feeling when you’ve had to dig your car out of its parking space again. Winter rooms need to bring warmth inside, along with a nice dose of coziness.

Carpet is the flooring for winter. Find a ‘”dig your toes in” kind that makes your feet happy when the boots come off. Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with sculptured carpeting. Whatever the type, the softness perfectly complements the harsh weather outside.

If you long for a dark accent wall, or even a dark-walled space, your winter room gives you that opportunity. Pull in a rich brown or wine red, or how about a dark sage green? Introduce ivories and creams to lighten the space through furniture and pillows. For windows, velvet curtains that go to the floor keep the warmth in and the chill out – visually and in terms of temperature.

Lighting is particularly important when the sun sets so early. Table lamps in the corners and candles for special occasions create a sense of invitation and comfort in your winter room. Accessories should include a couple of throws to wrap around your legs on chilly evenings.

When it’s cold outside, curl up in your winter room and enjoy the best of the season.

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