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What You Need to Know About Polyester Carpet

Jun-30-2010 By carpeteria_admin

It used to be simple, asking for polyester carpet. No so any longer! Today you can find “old” polyester, PET polyester and PTT polyester. Generally, most of today’s polyester carpets are manufactured from PET fibers, which are essentially produced from reclaimed plastic soda bottles. It is true that PET fibers are improved over the old polyester, but they still come with the performance challenges for which polyester has been known.

The main lure of PET carpets is price; they are inexpensive. They also feel really soft and luxurious when new. Some other points for PET carpets are their ability to resist water-based stain agents, and their amazing colorfastness. The greatest downside to PET carpet is its propensity to mat and crush quickly – especially in high traffic areas. Another significant performance challenge is the difficulty in removing oil-based stains, which if left untreated can become permanent!

PTT is a relatively new fiber, introduced by DuPont in 2000 and sold under the trade name Sorona. It is unique in that it contains 37% renewable resource content (corn-based) and sports claims of advanced stain resistance and wear characteristics – compared to older polyester generations. In fact, because of Sorona’s amazing performance in documented tests, the FTC granted DuPont a new generic carpet fiber name and classification, Triexta. Mohawk manufactures their Smartstrand carpet from this fiber.  According to both Mohawk and DuPont, triexta carpets perform every bit as well as nylon – and yet still retain the feel and stain-resistance of early polyesters.

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