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The Timeless and Terrific Benefits of Tile

Mar-26-2010 By carpeteria_admin

If it isn’t obvious by the title of this post, we love tile to a T. If you want to know why, read on.

Tile is indeed timeless, and natural to boot. Men (and plenty of women) have made ceramic tile for over 4,000 years. A natural product of clay, other minerals and water, you should know tile comes glazed or unglazed. Glazed has a ceramic coating applied which gives the tile its color and finish.

Tile is an economical, capital addition. It is one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions when considering initial cost versus longevity. In many cases, a ceramic tile floor will increase your home’s resale value. (Yahoo!)

Tile floors you with its beauty and versatility. Today’s tile manufacturing technology creates just about an infinite array of colors, shapes, sizes, styles and textures that add charm, elegance  — the “wow” factor — to your home.

Tile is durable and very easy to care for. (Great, huh?) Correctly installed, a tile floor will outlast any other floor covering product. And bring on your kids (or messy guests) because glazed tile resists stains, odors and dirt and can be cleaned up with a damp mop or sponge and common cleaners.

Tile resists scratches, fire and water. Scratches are rare indeed with Grade III and IV glazed ceramic tile, hot kitchen pans won’t scorch or melt tile and water is no problem – with tile’s dense structure moisture has nowhere to go.

Here are ALL THE BENEFITS OF TILE, in one Timely, Thorough Tally:

• Tile is the timeless, all-natural floor covering

• Tile is a cost-effective booster of resale value

• Tile offers world-class beauty, design flexibility

• Tile is enduring and endearing (Low upkeep)

• Tile triumphs over scratches, fire and water

• Tile is an installer’s dream, even for DIYers

• Tile repairs easier than hardwood/plank floors

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